(Certificate of Advertising Made in Malaysia)

  1. The film company has a valid production license from FINAS.
  2. Complete the application form.
  3. Each complete application shall be accompanied by the following documents: –
    1. A copy of the application form;
    2. A copy of the script of TV Commercials from the Ministry of Information;
    3. A copy of the story Board;
    4. A copy of the passport and related Work Pass or related by the Immigration Department if the foreign film workers involved in the production of advertising films;
    5. A letter of authorization if the location filming and post-production is abroad;
    6. A letter of authorization if using foreigners;
    7. Local employees of which were involved in the filming must be registered with FINAS and are members of associations recognized by FINAS under Padu Citra.
    8. To submit a copy of the ad in the VHS video tape format
  4. A separate application is required if different from the image or the period.
  5. Only one application for the same ad even there is a variety of languages.
  6. Certificates payment of RM100.00 for each MIM issued.

Please download the application Certificate of Advertisements Made in Malaysia form at the link below.