(Distributed with BPL-2 form)

  1. Renewal of licenses must be made at least thirty (30) days before the expiry of the license, and must be made by filling out the License Renewal Form (BPL-2) and any additional form completely and pay a fee (Production or Exhibition RM100.00 and distribution of RM400.00) in the form of Money Order/Bank Draft/Money Order. BPL-2 form is available at the FINAS e Headquarters or Regional offices/Branch for FREE. All payments must be made in the name of FINAS.
  2. For licensees who have a branch, make sure the branch licenses are renewed if it expires.
  3. BPL-2 completed forms must be submitted with the following documents: –
    1. For sole proprietorship applications/partnership (Registration of Business)
      1. Form E (Rule 13) that has not expired.
      2. Form B if there is a change of owner or address and so on.
    2. For private limited ownership application (Registration of Business)
      1. Statement of Audited Accounts for the year
      2. Form 32A or Form 24 if there is any changes in shares
      3. Form 49 if there is a change of the Company Director
      4. Form 13 if the company changes name
  4. Premises Lease Agreement/ Business Lot
    (For those who does business in shopping centers, stalls or markets remains built by the Government or Private sector).
  5. Supplementary Information Form (for PF and PV license applicants only) must be submitted along with the BPl-2 form.
    (Make sure the SPP and MIM requested and completed prior to the renewal of licenses to be made).
  6. All copies of documents must be certified by the Company Secretary or Officer Companies Commission of Malaysia.

Borang Maklumat Tambahan (untuk pemohon lesen PF dan PV sahaja)hendaklah dikemukakan bersama-sama dengan Borang BPl-2.Please download the Renewal form and Additional Information Application for Renewal of Film License here.