(Certificate of filming)

    1. The film company must have a valid license production from FINAS.
    2. Complete information on the forms prescribed by FINAS available for free at the Licensing Unit or download via the website
    3. Submitting the application form no later than 7 days before filming starts.
    4. One application for each titles released. Only one SPP application for films that has episodes of the film/series. (type of film: Animation, Fiction Cinema, TV fiction, fiction VCD, Documentary, Drama TV, Game Show, Symbol, Education, Promotion, Reality TV, Interviews, Corporate Video, Short Fiction, TV Program)
    5. Each application shall be accompanied by the following documents:
      1. Synopsis of the film that has been removed.
      2. If the shooting uses the services of foreign workers, must include a copy of the Support Staff Entry Foreign Film (PFA) Letter and the approval document from the Immigration Department of Malaysia/work permit.
      3. Mention the schedule and shooting location in detail and include the Production Manager (PM)’s phone number in the application form. Please inform FINAS if there is a change of location filming, artists, workers and the title of the film.
    6. Payment of the Certificate of Filming of RM50.00 can be made by cash/money order/bank draft/ money order for each of SPP issued.

* To obtain an application form, please click on the button below.

Last Update 19/04/19 04.15 PM