The award winning Malaysian films, Wayang (2008) by Prof Dr. Hatta Azad Khan and Best Malaysian Film FFM28, Jagat (2015) by Shanjhey Kumar Perumal have been officially selected for the inaugural TINGIN Asean Film Festival, Philippines with the aims to celebrate cultural diversity and regional networks through cinematic excellence of ASEAN films runs from October 11 to 15 at the Shang Cineplex of the Shangri-La Mall.

Spearheaded by the National Commission of Culture and the Arts (NCCA) in conjuction with ASEAN 50th anniversary, the five-day festival that was kicked off last Wednesday celebrates Prof. Hatta’s officially selected film ‘Wayang’; about a master puppeteer who ends up mentoring two children on the art of wayang or a form of traditional Malaysian puppet theater (wayang kulit) as well as Shanjhey’s critically- acclaimed film on the emotional journey of small boy, Appoy in ‘Jagat’ which is among the highlights under the ‘Tastemakers Selection’ category.

Other notable films showcased to cinema enthusiasts throughout the festival are “A Yellow Bird (Singapore),” “Ilo Ilo (Singapore),” “Golden Slumbers (Cambodia),” “Victim (Cambodia),” “Ang Damgo Ni Eleuteria (Philippines),” “Dearest Sister (Lao PDR),” “Khuan Nang (Lao PDR),” “Yellow Flowers On The Green Grass (Vietnam),” “Kayan Beauties (Myanmar),” “Solo, Solitude (Indonesia),” and “The Island Funeral (Thailand).