PETALING JAYA, March 24-In an exciting development for Malaysia-Japan cooperation through the strategic cultural events proposed by The Japan Foundation in Malaysia, the Director, Mr. Horikawa Koichi feels delighted to be providing this very practical and high-profile platform, enabling the film industries in these two countries to build on their existing relationships and form new commercial partnerships.

During an interactive meeting between FINAS and The Japan Foundation, Japan Institute of Moving Image, Tokyo International Film Festival and Athenee Francais Cultural Centre at FINAS Petaling Jaya, Mr. Ahmad Syazli Muhd Khiar, the Head of International Relations and Corporate Communication has presented them with the strategic roles of FINAS in promoting local films to foreign audiences, broaden the understanding of the film culture and increase collaboration between filmmakers and their future international counterparts via film festivals.

In addition, Prof. Kenji Ishizaka, the programming Director of Tokyo International Film Festival has further elaborated on the strategic collaboration with Japan in developing creative industry through knowledge sharing, co productions and diplomatic relations. The Japanese delegates were later taken to visit FINAS’ Museum of Moving Images (MOMI); the ongoing exhibition delves into the many facets of local film industry including historic audio visual archives, cameras and projectors.