KUALA LUMPUR, 29 March– The Director General of FINAS, Dato’ Kamil Othman launched Malaysia Micro Film Competition 2016 Media Campaign organized by Starmode Entertainment and Snips College of Creative Art in collaboration with Sabah Institute of Art and supported by FINAS. Dato’ Kamil Othman has highlighted important points in his officiating speech;

  1. Micro film or relatively known as short or small film is highly essential for every film maker to start with.
  1. This MMFC is very significant in discovering and identifying new talents in film industry r egardless their background and age.
  1. Malaysian film industry provides room to make money as proven by encouraging box office success by some prominent films namely Ola Bola, BoboiBoy The Movie and Munafik in the first quarter of 2016.
  1. Finas highly support talent development program with great collaboration of higher learning institutions.
  1. Branding of films should be more empowered and enhanced to drive the commercial success of film industry.
  1. Various content from games and comics can also be adapted into powerful films.
  1. Participation in Oscar signifies the industrious effort to produce good scripts and consequently, good movies that can be exported internationally.
  1. FINAS will build more international strategic partnership including with Taipei Golden Horse Awards organizer who is represented by Mr Wen Tien Shang, the CEO of this award.

This auspicious ceremony was also attended by Guests of Honour Dato’ Mike Loh, organizing chairman of MMFC 2016, Ms. Joanne Tien, Director of Taiwan Film Office, Mr. Benjamin Ee, Vice President of Asian Retail Franchise Federation and Ms. Azlin from Community College Department.

For further details of Malaysia Micro Film Competition 2016, the interested participants can log into www.facebook.com/groups/MMFC2016