Kuala Lumpur, 8 January – Tan Seng Kiat’s award winning film, ‘Shuttle Life’ that has successfully won 7th international accolades for Malaysia in 2017 has been nominated for six categories in the second edition of Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFF) slated for February 25-March 3, 2018 which includes Jack Tan’s breathtaking performance as Qiang in Best Actor, Tan Seng Kiat (Best New Director), Angel Chan (Best Supporting Actress), Jack Yap (Best Supporting Actor) and award winning Sylvia Chang for Best Actress.

The 2nd Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest) has finally unveiled its screening list and Malaysia Golden Global Awards (MGGA) nominated list today through its press conference at Dorsett Kuala Lumpur. Over 20 extraordinary films have come into spotlight and screen throughout the festival along with other activities such as forums, masterclasses and Q&A sessions for industry professionals and local audience to embrace the power of cinema.

Brilliante Mendoza, a multi-awarded director will lead the juries for the 2nd MIFFest followed by other respected jury members, director Tran Anh Hung, filmmaker Patrick Tam, Taiwanese producer and actress Lee Lieh, Indian actress Suhasini Maniratnam, filmmaker Dain Said and newly announce, director Naomi Kawase to complete the jury member list for the event. Eight selection committees appointed are the Chairman of Chinese Film Association of Malaysia (CFAM) Dennis Lai, director Bradley Liew, Saw Tiong Guan, Bernard Chauly, Bront Palarae, Leonard Tee, Gayatri Su-lin Pillai and Samad Hassan respectively.

MIFFest proudly presents Southeast Asian Focus, World Cinema and Female Filmmakers in Focus as their three new categories to enhance the variety of movie recognition this year. Additionally, award winning actor, Jack Tan, is appointed to be this year’s “Let’s Watch Movie Icon” in hope to enhance the publicity of the festival.

This year, MIFFest also aims to promote film festival to the younger generation by approaching universities and colleges. A sharing session by the CEO of Taipei Golden Horse Awards, Wen Tien Hsiang will be on the 20th January 3pm at Han Chiang University College of Communication.

The 2nd MIFFest grand opening ceremony will be held on the 25th February 2018 at TGV Cinemas, Sunway Velocity Mall and the official selection films will screen in TGV Cinemas, Suria KLCC. The 2nd Malaysia Golden Global Awards will be held on 3rd March 2018 at Plenary Hall KLCC. Online ticket sale for the section films will be available via Ticket Charge website www.ticketcharge.com.my or contact ticketing hotline 03-92228811. Film screening schedule will be available on www.mgga.com.my.

Today’s event was attended by Chairman of MIFFest and MGGA, Ms. Joanne Goh, MIFFest programmer, Mr. Ong Lay Jin, Chairman of China Film Association of Malaysia,Mr. Dennis Lai, other respected guests and the media.

*The 2nd Malaysia Golden Global Awards nomination list as per below* :

Best New Director
1. Huang Hsin-Yao (The Great Buddha+)
2. Kantemir Balagov (Tesnota)
3. Kirsten Tan (Pop Aye)
4. Roya Sadat (A Letter To The President)
5. Tan Seng Kiat (Shuttle Life)

Best Screenplay
1. Aziz Dildar (A Letter To The President)
2. Huang Hsin-Yao (The Great Buddha+)
3. Kirsten Tan (Pop Aye)
4. Saeed Roustayi (Blockage)
5. Vivian Qu (Angel Wear White)

Best Cinematography
1. Anggi Frisca (The Seen and Unseen)
2. Benoit Dervaux (Angel Wear White)
3. Chen Ko Chin (Shuttle Life)
4. Mong Hong Chung (The Great Buddha+)
5. Yao Hung-I (Missing Johnny)

Best Supporting Actress
1. Angel Chan (Shuttle Life)
2. Ayu Laksmi (The Seen and Unseen)
3. Darya Zhovnar (Tesnota)
4. Gity Ghasemi (Blockage)
5. Zhou Meijun (Angel Wear White)

Best Supporting Actor
1. Artem Cipin (Tesnota)
2. Huang Yuan (Missing Johnny)
3. Jack Yap (Shuttle Life)
4. Leon Dai (The Great Buddha+)
5. Nader Fallah (Blockage)

Best Actress
1. Daphne Low (Aqerat)
2. Geunyoung Moon (Glass Garden)
3. Leena Alam (A Letter to the President)
4. Sylvia Chang (Shuttle Life)
5. Vicky Chen (Angels Wear White)

Best Actor
1.Bamboo Chen (The Great Buddha+)
2. Hamed Behdad (Blockage)
3. In-Sung Jo (The King)
4. Jack Tan (Shuttle Life)
5. Thaneth Warakulnukroh (Pop Aye)

Best Director
1. Jae Rim Han (The King)
2. Kamila Andini (The Seen and Unseen)
3. Mohsen Gharaei (Blockage)
4. Su-Won Shin (Glass Garden)
5. Vivian Qu (Angels Wear White)

Best Film
1. A Letter To The President
2.Angels Wear White
3. Blockage
4. Pop Aye
5. The Great Buddha+

*The 2nd Malaysia International Film Festival Title Screening List*

Opening Film
Love Education (China)

Southeast Asian Focus
1. By The Time It Gets Dark (Thailand)
2. Pop Aye (Singapore/Thailand)

Female Filmmakers in Focus
1. A Letter To The President (Afghanistan)
2. Angels Wear White (China/France)
3. Glass Garden (Korea)
4. Radiance (Japan/France)
5. The Seen and Unseen (Indonesia/Netherlands/ Australia/Qatar)
6. Year Without A Summer (Malaysia)

World Cinema
1. Adieu (Hong Kong)
2. Felicite (France)
3. Old Beast (China)
4.The Bold, The Corrupt and The Beautiful (Taiwan)
5. The Taste of Rice Flower (China)
6. The White Girl (Malaysia/Hong Kong)
7. Tomorrow Is Another Day (Hong Kong)

Competition Film
1. A Letter To The President (Afghanistan)
2. Angels Wear White (China/France)
3. Aqerat (Malaysia)
4. Blockage (Iran)
5. Glass Garden (Korea)
6. Missing Johnny (Taiwan)
7. Pop Aye (Singapore/Taiwan)
8. Shuttle Life (Malaysia)
9. Tesnota (Russia)
10. The Great Buddha+ (Taiwan)
11. The King (Korea)
12. The Seen and Unseen (Indonesia/Netherlands/Australia/Qatar)

Closing Film
Yellow (Iran)