The 2nd Russia-ASEAN University Forum which was organized as part of the Third Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) from September 5-6 this year has given a strategic avenue for our international award winning filmmaker, U-Wei HjSaari to highlight on cultural and education policy in building new horizons for international cooperation. Happening for 2nd year at Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok, Russia, U-Wei who was invited as the forum panelist has further expressed his belief in creating stable foundations for international relations with the synergy of knowledge and culture as the visible instruments.

“The magic of cinema to communicate across cultures can progressively help to foster better understanding and telling our story to the rest of the world”

By explaining cross-cultural and intercultural communication elements visualized in his films namely Kaki Bakar, Jogho, Buai Laju Laju and Hanyut, he concluded on the positive long term impact and investment in this ‘soft power’ diplomacy