4th April 2016“Content without data is no content at all”  taking this as part of the challenges to build a good metadata in FINAS Centre Of Excellence in Petaling Jaya, one of the efforts is to gain as much as international knowledge and experience from honourable guests to all members of COE.

We welcomed guests from Marquis Media Partners, Mr Andy Griffee and Madam Emma Clifford, who are the experts in media, broadcast and business, brought along their hard won industry experience as well as fully experienced in support implementing a complex technology development.

The 3 hours session covered with a tour led by Mr Tan Kah Poh, Head of Archives (Digitization), Mr Ahmad Junaidi Reappai, Head of Mediatheque and Centre Of Excellence Division of FINAS. They were taken to FINAS’s Film Vault which is the repository of audio visual collection produced by FINAS, negative room that handles the repair and inspection work of physical film as the main activity, the demonstration of MYCC4DWORLD portal and Virtual Library (V-Lib) and Museum Of Moving Image (MOMI). The tour ended with a preview of “Merdeka” and “Kuala Lumpur” videos at Mediatheque.

A discussion session was then held at the FINAS Meeting Room chaired by Mr Raja Mohamad ‘Adhzim Raja Ahmad, Director Centre of Excellence, where both sides exchanged ideas, views and shared knowledge about relating issues. This valuable session ended with the handing of souvenirs by Mr Azmir Saifuddin Mutalib, Director Of Commercialization to the guests as a symbol of appreciation.

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