By @FinasMalaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 8— Dain Said’s third feature ‘Interchange’ has scored another international milestone after officially selected under “Films in Competition” and received three nominations; Best Film, Best Screenplay (RedzaMinhat, Dain Said, Nandita Solomon & June Tan) and Best Cinematography (Jordan Chiam) at the 1st Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFEST) and Malaysia Golden Global Awards (MGGA) along with the other international award- winning films including Apprentice (Singapore), The Salesman (Iran/France), Ma’ Rosa (Philippines), The Wailing (Korea) and Bradley Liew’s Singing in Graveyards (Malaysia/Phillippines) who is nominated under the Best New Director category.

In addition, Redha by Tunku Mona Riza which has won numerous awards at international film festivals has been officially selected as the line up of festival special screening with Blind Way (China) and After This Our Exile (Hong Kong). During the earlier press conference at TGV Sunway Velocity, Kuala Lumpur today, Ms. Joanne Goh, Chairman of MIFFEST and MGGA has announced the award categories, nominees as well as the festival’s screening lineup and films in competition. The auspicious festival will also feature ‘TimmThaler’ from Germany as the opening film and closed by Koji Fukada’s “Harmonium”.

Recognizing human excellence through the art of filmmaking, Malaysia International Film Festival and Malaysia Golden Global Awards will feature films that inspire, enlighten and uplift the human spirit. All nominated films in competition are available to be sold at mmCineplex and TGV Cinemas. There will be an additional category which is ‘The Audience Choice Awards’, where the public gets to vote for their favourite movie. Audiences may keep their movie ticket and drop them in the voting box after viewing the movie, as a way for the organizer to choose the winner for this category.

  • Screening Films
  • Opening Film
    TimmThaler (Germany)
  • Special Screening
    After This Our Exile (Hong Kong)
    Blind Way (China)
    Redha (Malaysia)
  • Competition Film

Apprentice (Singapore)
Happiness (Hong Kong)
HemaHemaSing Me A Song While I Wait (Bhutan / Hong Kong)
I am Not Madame Bovary (China)
I, Daniel Blake (United Kingdom)
Interchange (Malaysia)
Ma’ Rosa (Philippines)
Mad World (Hong Kong)
One Night Only (China)
Perfect Strangers (Italy)
Singing in Graveyards (Malaysia / Philippines)
SoulMate (Hong Kong)
The Road to Mandalay (Taiwan)
The Salesman (Iran / France)
The Summer is Gone (China)
The Wailing (Korea)
Toni Erdmann (Germany)
White Ant (Taiwan)

  • Closing Film
    Harmonium (Japan)