Kuala Lumpur, 13th September – Petronas Gallery organises 2018 Merdeka Award Laureate Talk featuring Mr. Hassan Abd. Muthalib, a recent recipient of 2018 Merdeka Award for his contribution to the nation in the category of education and community.

Highlighting his background, The Father of Malaysian Animation as quoted by Gallery Petronas inspires his audience today by sharing his eventful life journey in art. Soaring his enthusiastic art and filmmaking skills since young, he was flicked by the determination of Abraham Lincoln and his journey towards success. Hassan as an Asian Animation Pioneer by his film ‘Hikayat Sang Kancil’ (1978) pushes his limits by venturing into various skills from drawing, showcasing, photography and animation that leads to his success in filmmaking, directing, animating and now a 2018 Merdeka Award recipient inspiring a fullhouse hall attended by industry players, media and the public.