Documentary Screening By Rack Focus Films.
Title: Blade Runners: Codename Operation Gonzalez
The documentary tells the story set in 1974, where Malaysia’s Special Service Regiment go after communist insurgents in a search & destroy mission deep in Malaysia’s jungle. But one platoon is ambushed by twenty enemy in a heavily booby trapped area. In an unprecedented aerial mission, The Royal Malaysian Air Force send in a squadron of helicopters to evacuate a platoon of Army soldiers ambushed by communist insurgents in the deep forest of Malaysia.

The screening was attended by more than 50 audience, graced by the presence of General Tan Sri Dato’ Mohd Ghazali bin Dato’ Mohd Seth, General Borhan bin Ahmad, Brigade General Abdul Rahim bin Abdul Rahman, Major Zainal Abidin Husin, Sergeant Mohd. Ali bin Haji Ahmad & reporter, Jerry Francis, the people behind Operation Gonzalez.

Present at the event was also Finas Director General, Dato’ Kamil Othman; Head Of Creative Content & Eco-System Development, Mdm Faridah Jaafar; and Rack Focus Films founders, Mr. Ahmad Yazid & Rob Nevis.

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