Program: Official Discussion on Canada-Malaysia Collaboration in Film Industry
Date: 20 Nov 2019
Time: 11.30am
Venue: MixStage, FINAS Hulu Kelang
Objective: Exploring cultural and economic co-operation between Canada and Malaysia, fostering bilateral relations and stimulating efforts in film co-production between the two countries in the future.

National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS):
1. Dato’ Hans Isaac, Chairman
2. Mr. Abdul Rashid Karim, Board of Director
3. Mr. Zokifli Abu Bakar, Director of Film in Malaysia Office

High Commission of Canada in Malaysia:
1. Her Excellency Julia G. Bentley, High Commissioner of Canada in Malaysia
2. Thomas Abols – First Secretary (Commercial) and Trade Commissioner
3. Ms.Yamunah Kandasamy, Trade Commissioner