Petaling Jaya, 26 Jun-The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of FINAS, Mr. Ahmad Idham Ahmad Nadzri today, had the honour of receiving official visit as well as exchanging and addressing views on creative content landscape, policy, regulatory and institutional eco-system with local and international industry professionals and practitioners namely Anna Har, Executive Director, Freedom Film Network/FFN and FINAS Advisory Board Member, Brenda Danker, Co Director, FFN, Choo Huey Shin, Programme Coordinator, FFN, Mirjam Hager, Programe Manager, Goethe-Intitut, Rolf Stehle, Executive Director, Goethe-Intitut, Jacques Bounin, Executive Director, Alliance Francais KL, Claudia Mikat, Executive Director, German Association fo Voluntary Self Regulation of Television, Jean Francois Mary, Member Superior Council of Audio Visual, France and Roland Husson, Counsellor for Cooperation and Cultural Affairs, French Embassy.