• Sony DXC-D55PL with Triax Adapter CA-TX50P
  • 20 x 2/3″ FUJINON A20 x 8.6 BER Pro Lens with Semi-auto servo kit
  • 5″ DXF-51 View Finder
  • MILLER ARROW 40 SYSTEM 2 Stage Carbon Fibre tripod System
  • MFS-2000 Digital Multi Format Switcher with SDI I/O
  • RCP-D50 Remote Control Panel and TX50P Triax Camera Control Unit
  • DVM-M2000P Digital Betacam Recorder (multi format)
  • Video Character Generator
  • MACKIE ONYX2480 24 Channel Audio mixer
  • TELEX BTR 300 Intercom with 4 Belt Pack and Headset
  • TEKTRONIX WFM 6120 Waveform Monitor Vectorscope
  • TEKTRONIX SPG600 Signal Generator
  • TEKTRONIX ECO 422D Change Over Unit
  • SENNHEISER MKH 60P48 Condenser Microphone
  • SENNHEISER SKM-535 G2 Handheld Wireless Microphone
  • LMD 9020 9″ LCD Monitor
  • LMD 1420 14″ LCD Monitor
  • Triax Cable c/w triax connectors
  • drum cable (300m, 200m, 100m ,50m)
  • Transmitter Gigawave unit 2.5GHz complete with N type connector and Receiver Gigawave head unit working in the 2.5 GHz band complete 2 unit input receiver control unit
  • Technical Person (1 x Technical producer and 1 x Technician)


Title / Description Per Day
Per Week
ARRI 16SR3 Advanced c/w digital video assist
RM 420
RM 1,680
ARRI 535B c/w digital video assist
RM 550
RM 2,200



Title / Description Per Day
Per Week
SONY DXC-D50P+ BETA CAMCODER BVV-5PS c/w: Canon Video Lens 9-171mm, digital zoom 19x, Vinten Vision 3 tripod, battery 4 units, AC power adapter/charger and cable & carrying case
RM 400
RM 1,600

SONY DIGITAL VIDEO CAMERA DXC-D35P c/w: SONY Digital Video Cassette Recorder DSR-1P, Servo Fujinon A20x8.6BRM, Sony Electronic ViewFinder DXF-801CE, Electric Condenser Microphone, Vinten Vision 3 tripod & 4xSony battery BP-L60A & carrying case.

RM 200

RM 800

SONY DIGITAL VIDEO CAMERA DSR-200 c/w: 5.9-59mm digital zoom 20X, charger, 4 x SONY lithium ion batteries, Vinten Vision 3 tripod & carrying

RM 60

RM 240



Title / Description
45 Days Package
SONY HDW-F900 HD Digital Camcorder–3 chip 2/3″ 16:9 STD CCD IMAGER with 12 Bit A/D converter and Advance Digital Signal Processor combines with 24P High Definition Video System c/w : MIRANDA MDC-902 down converter, Fujinon Zoom Lens, CHROSZIEL rig of follow focus, CHROSZIEL fluid zoom drive, 4 x 5.6 matte bos, RCU, 6 x battery, charger, PANASONIC on board monitor, SONY LCD monitor & vinten Vision 250 tripod
RM 1,200
RM 4,800
RM 35,000

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