Hulu Kelang, April 18 -The Shenzhen Media Group delegation from China led by the General Manager, Mr Wu Yu Meng, has made an official visit to National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) today. Shenzhen Media Group (SMG) is a China-based regional television and radiobroadcaster, established in 2004 with various assets include Shenzhen TV, Shenzhen Film Studio, Shenzhen City Radio and television transmission centers. The company operates 5 radio stations and 11 television channels.

Thus, as FINAS has been working closely with international and regional film bodies to tap new markets and build strategic collaborations with foreign parties, the Director General of FINAS, Dato’ Fauzi Ayob highlighted the importance for Malaysia to build regional conversation on the need for increased cooperation between local and foreign producers, amid moves by FINAS to join with foreign countries, solidify its international network and promote potential foreign investment through film incentives.

“This visit from Shenzhen Media Group signifies the strategic roles of FINAS not only on promoting business trade but as the medium to promote continuous bilateral cultural exchanges between two parties as well as our filming incentives offered by Malaysia” said him.

The interactive session was also joined by Deputy Director General of FINAS Azmir Saifuddin Mutalib, Dato’ Sam Yap, CEO of Enjoy TV Holding & Broadcasting, Datin Yoku YC Chou and FINAS officers representing Film in Malaysia Office, Corporate Communication, Audio Visual Technology and Centre of Excellence.