The critically acclaimed ‘Fly By Night’, a debut feature film by award winning Malaysian filmmaker, Zahir Omar has been officially selected to represent Malaysia and vying for Best ASEAN Film Award at 2019 Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival. Organized by Thailand’s Ministry of Culture and the National Federation of Motion Pictures and Contents Associations scheduled from July 3-8, 2019, Zahir’s ‘Fly By Night’ starring Sunny Pang, Jack Tan, Ruby Yao, Fabian Loo, Frederick Lee and Bront Palarae that revolves around a group of taxi drivers and small-time extortionists who are forced to escalate their criminal activities to pay off debts has garnered international spotlight at major film festivals namely Busan International Film Festival, New York Asian Film Festival (Winter Showcase), Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Jogja NETPAC Asian Film Festival and Macau International Film Festival.